Sarah Lee

Reception & Key Stage 1

My Skills & Abilities

I have been an Early Years/Key Stage 1 teacher for over twenty years and have a comprehensive understanding of how young children learn.  I have taught in a number of primary and infant schools, predominately within the EYFS but also within Key Stage 1. 

During my years of class teaching experience I adopted different learning styles to meet the individual needs of every child in my class.  I also planned learning opportunities that captured children’s attention and imagination, motivating them to learn and succeed.  I feel this approach encourages children to become confident and independent learners which is key to their future learning and success.  I have always communicated effectively with children and their parents, building respectful and caring relationships whilst focusing on learning and achievement.

A Little bit about me

I am a friendly, caring and patient teacher who values the importance of making a child feel secure and supported when learning.  I am extremely well-organised and enjoy planning lessons that target key skills to support children’s understanding and development.

I always wanted to be a teacher, ever since my mum started childminding. She looked after children for twenty-two years and as I grew up I loved supporting my mum’s work by interacting with the children and teaching them new things. 

It’s why I still enjoy teaching today.


Art for Reception and KS1 class

KS 1 - Year 1 - 1-on-1 lesson

Online private session focused on Maths or Phonics.

Price for 45 minutes starts from £20.50

Brief description of a lesson

An individual lesson of either Phonics or Mathematics. To engage with your child I will use in our virtual classroom a variety of visual and physical props. For more details on lesson availability please see my timetable schedule.
Lessons Available

KS1 - Year 2 - 1-on-1 lesson

Online private session for child from Year 2.

Price for an hour starts from £25.50

Brief description of a lesson

The length of this session is 60 minutes. Through a variety of interactive medias I will aim to make the lesson engaging and fun. For more details on the relevant topics please see my timetable schedule.
Lessons Available

Tailored lesson - 1-on-1

You tell us what subject and areas you would like this lesson to focus on.

Price for 30 minutes starts from £15.50

Brief description of tailored lesson

An individual lesson of Mathematics and Phonics & Literacy tailored to your child's needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in details. Price for 30 mins start from £15.50. 45 mins lessons is for £20.50, and 60 minutes are charged at £25.50.
Lessons Available

Please note that all our prices are inclusive of VAT

‘It’s fun to learn something new every day.’
Sarah Lee - Reception and Key Stage 1
Sarah Lee

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