gemma clark

English & Maths Teacher - Key Stage 1 & 2

Photography Tutor

My Skills & Abilities

I have always been a creative person, and I love sharing my knowledge with others. Using creativity is a proven learning and well-being tool. As a teacher, it is something that I bring to all of my lessons, whether it is literacy, numeracy or a creative subject.

Since passing my PGCE, I have three years’ experience teaching and supporting students, as well as a proven record of using creative learning to deliver positive outcomes across a range of subjects.

By introducing a creative aspect to my planned lessons, I help to build children’s confidence, which from my personal experience results in significant progress in other subjects.

A little bit about me

I have experience working with children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Creative learning can be particularly useful for students that are struggling with traditional methods.

I am very patient, open and personable, which helps create strong working relationships with you, your child and family. If there is a specific way you feel you learn best, I am happy to adapt to your needs!

Outside of teaching, I am also a photographer and designer, running my own business. I love creating things and have done a bit of everything!

To find out more about my creative course , please contact me for further information.

Creative photography taken by student

KS 1 -Year 1 & 2 - Phonics & Maths

1-on-1 online tailored session focused on Maths or Phonics.

Price for 45 minutes starts from £29.50*

Brief description of the lesson

An individual lesson of Phonics or Maths that will last between 45 - 60 minutes. To engage with your child a variety of visual props, supplemented with worksheet relevant to the specific topic will be used. For more details please see my timetable schedule.
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KS2 -Year 3 - 6 - English & Maths

1-on -1 online tailored session aimed at KS2 students.

Price for an hour starts from £38.50*

Brief description of the lesson

An individual lesson of either English or Mathematics that will last between 45 to 60 minutes. To engage with your child I will use a variety of visual props, supplemented with worksheets relevant to the specific topic. For lessons availability, and to discuss your requirements, please contact our office.
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SATs Exams Preparation

1-on- 1 lesson focused on preparing students for SATs exams. Please contact us for lesson availability, or to arrange FREE Assessment.

Price for 60 minutes starts from £38.50*

Brief description of the lesson

An individual lesson of the core subjects of Maths and English. Prior your first lesson a Free Assessment carried out by Gemma will identify pupil's misconception and reveal topics that your child needs help with. Lesson will then be tailored to your child's needs, to revise and target topics that assistance is needed with. Please contact us to arrange FREE online Consultation
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Photography lesson

Succeeding in a creative subject can help progress your child in other subjects, as art and creative media have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. Our 0nline session are aimed at introducing you or your child to the art of photography

Brief description of the lesson

These sessions will teach your child about composition, the basics of looking at manual settings on a camera as well as how to take great photos! For more information as well as availability contact our

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Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.

Ken Robinson

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

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