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Our team at Teaching at Home pride ourselves in supporting your children and their learning. The purpose of our service is to assist with the core areas of their education and their current schooling. It is not a replacement, but an addition to help them flourish

Your child is safe with us

In light of the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and school closures or limited access, we launched this service to provide further support to you, the parents, and most importantly, your children. It is clear that for the foreseeable future, the way of life and everything we have been used to has changed. When will it return is a question that only time will tell.

Our team are convinced that no parent wants to see their child disadvantaged and that they will do whatever they can to assist them. However, this is a real strain for many parents as we are not teachers, we don’t know the tricks of the trade, how to explain some things or how to keep them motivated. This is especially true for the younger ones.

Why struggle, get frustrated or disheartened with homeschooling when we can help you – contact us for further information.

Our team genuinely want to help and see your children grow, develop and flourish.

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The visionaries

Justyna Lindner

An experienced teacher who wanted to do more for children’s learning whilst they are at home. She is a major driving force behind this site and what it sets out to deliver. Her passion to keep younger children learning during difficult times is simply breathtaking.

Grant Snelling

Our tech geek whose extensive experience in integrating best of breed tools together, and delivering the team at Teaching At Home a solution that is scalable, secure and easy to use. He has taken the founders’ dreams, helped them solidify their ideas and brought them to life.

radka kanova

Radka is the visionary behind this site and purpose from day one. Between her inspirational ideas and needs as a mum homeschooling, her drive to create a solution that works for other parents, combined with Justyna’s passion, there has been no stopping her.

We’ll teach your child with care!

Helping to enrich your child's learning