This section contains our most frequently asked questions (FAQs), and are being updated constantly.
The list contains information for both parents and prospective teachers alike.

You can do this through our integrated Class Booking page. The first time you use our service, a new account will be created and details emailed to you. For future lesson bookings you go to the Parent Portal page, using your account details.

If you experience any issues or difficulties using our system please contact us through our support page.

Please see here for a brief overview of how the system works from a parent’s perspective.

Yes, you can book as few lessons as you like. There are no minimum booking requirements.

You can also book as many sessions within a week as you want, especially if you want to secure a virtual seat in a specific class. The charges applied are for each virtual seat in each class.

To ensure the ideal level of social interaction with the teacher (especially for the younger groups) the maximum class will be four children only.

For older children we may increase this limit, depending on the lesson and content being provided. Details of class sizes will be shown in the lesson’s description.

Yes of course, our Parent Portal is specifically designed for that.

Please log in to your account and make your changes. There are no additional costs for rearranging a lesson, but if the revised lesson is a different cost, you will be charged or reimbursed the difference.

If you experience issues while trying to rearrange a class, please contact us via the support area for assistance.

Yes, you can.  We understand that things change and you may need to cancel.

Please make the request using the Parent Portal.

We ask that you give as much notice as possible.

For more detail please refer to our Cancellation section under our Terms and Conditions.

If you are unsure about cancelling please raise a support query for assistance.

For details of our refund policy, and how to proceed, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If you have a specific query regarding our refund policy, please contact us for further assistance.

Please get in touch with us as we’d like to know and see how we might be able to help. We can always put you on a waiting list, in case someone should have to cancel or rearrange.

Demand for certain lessons may fluctuate depending on the time of year or a child’s class work. If there is enough demand for a specific class we will look to accommodate additional classes where possible.

Please get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can help. 

As a UK based and registered company we are GDPR compliant.

We take system security seriously, implementing multiple levels of protection. All transactions on the website (i.e. Parent Portal, Booking area etc.) are encrypted using industry standard SSL technology. The website security and potential vulnerabilities are automatically monitored by a specialist third party solution and we are alerted to any issues encountered.

All payment transactions are managed by a specialist payment provider, called Stripe, a major international payment processor, so we do not see, handle or store your credit/debit card details. This is all managed and maintained by Stripe.

For more details please refer to the relevant section in our Privacy Policy

For the safety of every child who uses our platform, all teachers’ qualifications and experience are verified using the same checking services as your local authority. This includes their latest DBS status.

Absolutely not. We will not sell, distribute or pass on your details to anyone without your expressed consent. We have no intention of spamming you.

The main aim of our platform is to allow connections between parents and teachers only, with no other external based products or services offered.

If you consented to join our mailing list (and we recommend that you do for latest news and information), this is managed by us using the services of a well-known industry mailing provider called MailChimp. To quote their own words “MailChimp is an All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses”. They are bound not to pass your details on or use them for their own gain. We, like many business using mailing lists, procure their specialised and secure service.

If you are a teacher interested in how it works and may have an interest in joining the team, please go to the Join the Team page in the first instance.

Should have further questions, please contact us using the details on our contact page.

Yes absolutely!

If you decide to join our ranks we will directly organise all necessary training, advice on using the system, required security settings, procedures etc.

You will not be left to fend for yourself!

No, we do not charge joining fees.

Should you wish to know more about how this will work why don’t you get in touch with us?

We want you to feel comfortable with our services, so please send us your questions or concerns using the form on the contact us page.

We will come back to you with answers to all your questions, not canned responses.

Online Group Lesson

how it works

Our platform is focused on variety of online group sessions, with maximum of 4 children per class. Each lesson is tailored to specific age group, and will be conducted by experienced teachers, and in some cases teaching assistants. Clarification of the subject and topics in each class will be available to view prior session is booked.

Below is brief (concise) description on how our platform is set-up, and how our system could be used.

Should you experience any technical issue please contact our Support desk in here.

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