ENGLISH (Reading) : Part 2 – Free e-books

E-book libraries are a fantastic way of collecting a vast selection of books and material without having to find where to store them afterwards.


With the latest trend of homeschooling, on-line libraries became more popular than ever. There are certainly an invaluable resource for parents everywhere. Currently, there are many sites offering you free access, and allowing you to browse through their online e-book catalogue. Some are better then others in terms of how easily you can find book/books that you are looking for. There are a few sites that have both the story and audiobook available, so your child could read-along while listening to the storyteller. A great way to learn how to say new words.

The problem is often that free ones are not always that easy to find or the selection is limited. This post from ‘’ highlights 10 sites from around the world that provide free e-book downloads, and that have a decent selection (one mentions over 60,000 titles in its library!), although they cater for all so you may find e-books for children are mixed with the big novels.

The 10 Best Free Ebook Download Sites

An additional site that purports to provide free e-books is:

Team members at Teaching At Home have personal experience of using Oxford Owl, which is skilfully done. It has a section dedicated to free e-books [], and their wide range of resources for all ages is impressive.

You can search their material by browsing by age, series, or Oxford level. As this site covers a wide range of age groups, it is definitely a compelling site to check out.

The following post, while it might be an older one, books are timeless and the libraries at the sites mentioned have grown.

For the younger ones, including the Reception age group, another exciting way to be introduced and drawn into reading is through storybook based videos. YouTube and its astonishing search facility have videos on almost any popular children’s book. [fun fact – did you know that YouTube is one of the most used search-engines?]

Some of the team with younger children have particularly enjoyed the one below (which is part of the National Curriculum for Reception class) in which each character has a unique voice.

Have you been inspired by our article? We certainly hope so.

Why not make the process of finding free e-books into a game with your child, injecting some fun and making a welcome change in your child’s learning process.

Please note that we have not reviewed these sites, nor endorse them, but provide the links for reference. We strongly advise you review and download books that are age and genre appropriate. The sites mentioned may charge for some premium titles and downloads.