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ENGLISH (Phonics, Grammar, Writing and Reading) - Part 1

English grammar is one subject that all Key Stages are immersed in from the moment they enter Reception classes. In the beginning, they learn simple sounds and their formation. Next, they start with reading simple sentences, followed by longer and trickier ones.

With each Key Stage, the requirements are entirely different, for example the older age groups become more focused on creative writing.

At Teaching At Home, we regard reading as crucial. It is one of the core foundations for your child’s skill set, used for the rest of their life. So, we are purposely making this subject available to as many age groups as possible.

If your child has difficulties with reading, please contact us so we can assist in aligning a suitable teacher to match their needs. Every child is unique, so changing a lesson to suit is not a problem, it is part of a teacher’s role.

Over the first few months’ of 2020, we have found there is a vast array of websites that offer free e-books and audiobooks (ideal for car journeys!). If visual learning helps to engage your child, we cannot forget to mention YouTube and the incredible diverse choice of videos dedicated to this subject.

In today’s modern world, with books being available in print, online/e-reader, audio and video, you are certainly spoilt for choice. The trick is finding the one that is right for your child and sticking with it.

A great place to start is with the link below. It is an interesting article that lists websites from around the world that focus on reading and story telling.

So cuddle up and sit back whilst you watch, listen and learn.

The 10 Best Sites for Reading Free Children’s Books and Stories Online