Benefits of a virtual tutor and remote learning

Without a doubt, we live in a heavily digitalised world, completely unlike anything the generation before us experienced. From a young age, our children are used to flicking their little fingers across our mobile and tablets. They can move around the menus with such ease and confidence, that it often puts the parents to shame. For so many children, the use of modern technology during the COVID-19 lockdown would not have been as alien to them as we might expect.

In some countries, virtual or remote classrooms are nothing new; you could say that they are old-hat. In the remote areas of Australia, this is an acceptable form of learning and has been for many years. It started by radio classes and as technology has developed, so has the lesson delivery.

As the trend of virtual tutoring is growing, in our latest post, we explore and summarise the benefits of online learning:

Main benefits of online learning

1) CONVENIENCE – without having to leave the safety and comfort of your home, your child can keep learning. In turn, you get back the time and expense incurred taking and collecting your children from their lessons.

2) FLEXIBILITY – you can choose days and times that fit around your family’s schedule. With today’s hectic lives, trying to fit everything in can be difficult. Being able to join during the summer holidays, an afternoon or during a weekend club could be an ideal way to keep a child’s flow in learning.

3) INNOVATIVE LEARNING – a vast range of digital resources available make lessons for children stimulating, engaging and most importantly, fun.

4) ADAPTABILITY and TAILORING YOUR LESSON – whether it is to recap on knowledge gained, or if your child only needs some extra help with specific topics, your virtual tutor can assess and then focus on their needs.

5) SAFETY – by choosing virtual learning, you are not physically exposing yourself, or your family, to any additional risks that might be looming over us.

6) ENVIRONMENT – By staying at home, you are also be doing your bit for the environment but minimising short journeys.

Virtual tutor online lesson

For those still hesitant about online learning, we will try to address a few reasons why we think parents might be reluctant to give it a go:

You have not decided which format of the lesson might be best for your child?

• Our 1-on-1 lessons are ideal for children who respond well when the teacher is focused entirely on them. During these classes, the emphasis can be on the core subjects of Maths and English (recap) or tailor-made to address a specific weaker topic. We have found that this way of learning can certainly give your child a solid foundation on which to build their knowledge.
• If however, your child is missing the company of other children, which does sometimes do wonders for their encouragement, then our small group sessions might suit them better.

• Please see details of both of our individual and small group lessons in here.

You are not sure which specific topics within the core subjects need addressing?

• Our qualified teachers can assess your child’s knowledge and establish what their focus will be on. They can subsequently advise you how many sessions would your child benefit from, and what format would suit their personality.

You are worried about your children’s concentration during the lesson.

• Based on the knowledge and experience of our teachers, we have purposely adjusted the length of lessons for specific age groups. Furthermore, each lesson is filled with a variety of physical as well as visual props to stimulate children’s imagination. For the younger ones, songs and rhymes are included in each lesson, just as it would be in their classroom. The key point is that when our teachers notice concentration is fading, other methods and techniques are used to re-engage your child quickly. By only using experienced teachers, they are used to managing these minor problems.

Different scheduled times of currently shown lessons would suit your child better

• Although we have set timetable for different age groups, should a different time of the day suit you better please let us know. We can adapt to your needs and rescheduling is not a problem, especially for 1-on-1 lessons.

Analysts predict that this trend of virtual learning will continue and something that we all should be prepared to use going forward. Although nothing can replace human contact, balanced home-schooling is the perfect supplement to school lessons if further lockdown is enforced.

Why not give our classes a go and be equipped for the future?